The pavilion at the tennis courts has been in a state of disrepair for a number of years now and Friends of Dudhope Park have been informed that Dundee City Council will look to remove the building. We believe this is an iconic building and very much a feature of Dudhope Park and would desperately like to save it. However, unless the community or an interested group or business can come up with a way to use the building, that will bring in income or grant funding to make repair and maintenance viable, the pavilion will be lost.

With the renovation of the tennis courts and the children’s play park right beside the pavilion and a kitchen and toilets inside there is great potential within the building. Do you know of anyone who would be able to use the space for a social enterprise, business or community group? If so please contact the Friends of Dudhope Park and we can look at the options for retaining this historic and important asset to the park.

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  1. roslyn walker

    I came along to the hall this evening (11/11/14) only to find that I chose the wrong day. I understand that the Council are in receipt of external funding to convert the bowling green into allotments. As worthy as this appears it deprives the vast majority of park users access to land gifted to the people of Dundee. I also understand that the toilet facilities will no longer be available to the majority of park users, simply a select few. Is my understanding correct?

    There is a compromise. Two years ago I approached the council to purchase the pavilion and convert it to a hot food service which included the provision of toilet facilities. Because I wanted to purchase the property, to renovate it at my own expense (50,000), create jobs and run it as a sustainable business I was turned. The council wanted to retain ownership, for me to invest my money but run it as a non profit making enterprise.

    If you can knock some sense into the Council then the park can have toilets and the pavilion can be saved

    1. Rick Curran Post author

      Hi Roslyn, thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I hadn’t seen notification of your comment until today so I apologise for the late response. Yes there are plans for the bowling green however it’s not simply allotments, it’s going to be used by a veteran’s charity called Garden Leave who do horticultural therapy for war veterans. This was a key discussion point at the our meeting, I have to take the blame for you getting the wrong date for the meeting, I’m afraid I inadvertently posted the wrong date running up the event.

      The good news is that toilet facilities will be kept in the park one way or another regardless of what happens with the bowling green and buildings. In regard to the pavilion then it would be well worth you contacting the Council again as I believe they are very much open to people who would like to take over ownership or long term lease of the building as part of the new Community Asset Transfer (, that page has contact details on it or you can give the Communities Officer Elaine Pratt a call on 01382 433444 or via email

  2. roslyn walker

    Dear Rick,

    Thank you for your reply.

    We were looking forward to saving the pavilion by providing the funds, out of our own pocket, to repair the building and convert it into a hot food outlet to provide high quality foods to park users and others. This would have created a number of paid jobs enabling youngsters to gain a foothold on the work ladder.

    Unfortunately, the Council decided to formalise their Community Asset Transfer protocol (as described in your link) and restrict it to Voluntary and Community groups. Because we are a commercial enterprise, one of those dreadful profit making businesses, the ones that pays for Council services rather than simply recycle public sector money, we are denied access to this scheme. Our long term, sustainable business that would bring a few jobs to youngsters, that would save a much loved building from demolition and that would provide a much needed service to park users at zero cost to the Council is simply not allowed. It is a fruitless exercise to jump through the hoops because we are not a voluntary or community group and we would not set up an organisational structure to make us seem as if we were – we are what we are.

    Apparently, at the same time we were interested in the project there was another non profit community group involved and it was this that was being fast paced. Well, I have yet to see where this group is in the process, I suspect nowhere. It isn’t easy raising funds for such projects but us dreadful profit people could do it and the renovated pavilion would be up and running within months.



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