Dudhope Skatepark was opened in early 2006 and has been a hugely popular feature in the park drawing people from all over the city and beyond to skate it. Improvement work was undertaken in the Summer of 2013 thanks to funding provided by the Transform Your Patch fund which we were fortunate to win via an overwhelming public vote.

It is primarily intended for users of skateboards and BMX bikes although some users of inline skates and scooters do use the park. It is important to note that the facility is to be used at your own risk and is not a children’s playpark so please don’t let your children run around the park if there are people using it (use the newly improved Playpark instead!).

There are users of the park of all ages and many will be quite happy to help new users get acquainted to ‘skatepark etiquette’ and understand how people use the facility. Skaters and bikers can and do move around at high speed so it’s important that users are familiar with the routes people take in the park to avoid potential collisions. Now, with the warnings out of the way we just want to encourage people to have fun using it, after all that’s what it’s all about!

You may also wish to checkout Dundee Concrete which is a community website for Dudhope Park’s skatepark.


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