Tennis Courts

The tennis courts in Dudhope park are a free-to-use facility and are comprised of 3 courts with a concrete / stone surface. In the Spring of 2013 grant funding was obtained to allow the Community Payback Service to carry out improvements to the tennis courts so the surface, nets and surrounding fencing has all been brought back up to full repair.


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  1. Emily johnston Avatar
    Emily johnston

    Hello, i passed dudhope park the other day whilst on the bus and i couldn’t make out if the nets were still up on the tennis courts, so i was just wondering if they were? Kind regards

    1. Rick Curran Avatar
      Rick Curran

      Hi, I’m not sure if the nets are still up at the moment but if not they probably will be put up in the springtime.

  2. Sean Avatar

    Are there any basketball courts?

    1. Rick Curran Avatar
      Rick Curran

      Hi, there is a Multi-user Games Area which has a half-court in it.

  3. Peter Avatar


    Are the tennis courts free to use?

    Are the tennis courts locked? If so, when do they open/close.



    1. Rick Curran Avatar
      Rick Curran

      Hi Peter, Sorry, I’m afraid we missed your comment on the site so our apologies for the very late response! The tennis courts are free to use and are always open.

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