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Welcome to the Friends of Dudhope Park website! The Friends of Dudhope Park is a constituted group whose aims and objectives are to work in partnership with local residents, the Local Authority and others:-

a. To promote the preservation, maintenance and improvement of Dudhope Park.

b. To promote the conservation of the natural plant, animal and bird life in the park.

c. To develop recreational facilities and open space for the benefit of the public.

d. To develop a programme of activities, promoting the benefits to the public in terms of health and wellbeing.


8 responses to “About FoDP”

  1. Sara Swanston Avatar
    Sara Swanston

    I have recently moved to Dundee an found your name on the Coldside leaflet that came through the letter box.

    I go jogging on the grass in the park but I’m having a continual problem with standing in dog muck. Numerous times , even though I try to look out for it.

    I once saw someone allowing their dog to relieve itself on the new area right beside the child slide. I presume they cleaned it up.

    Are dogs allowed off the lead? Plenty dogs run freely.

    Is there any way we can improve the dog muck issue?


    1. Rick Curran Avatar
      Rick Curran

      Hi Sara, thanks for your comment. Dogs are allowed off the leash in the park but should be under careful control of their owners. Dog fouling needs to be cleaned up by the owners so anyone letting that happen can be fined, if you are seeing a lot of fouling and owners not cleaning up after their dogs then it would be worth calling the Animal Control dept at the council who are very proactive and dealing with these issues, this page on the council website contains more info and contact details: . We are looking into more fencing for the playpark in order to prevent dogs from accessing this area, do you have children that use the playpark at all? We are looking for feedback about this, any other feedback also most welcome!

  2. Karen Avatar

    I would very much like to see a the play park fenced in.
    I have a 3 year old and not having a fence around the play park is very off putting, as you have rightly stated dog are often off their leads in the park, dogs are free to enter the play park area without their owners, as they are off their leads, foul or pee in or on the play equipment etc.,
    Children should be allowed to play freely, in a secure area with out having to worry about random dogs, running in, jumping around etc. Parents should be allow to take their child to the play park and relax and enjoy it, with out having to keep one eye open for random dogs running around.

    The dogs are free to roam around the rest of the park there is no need for them to be in the chikdrens play area at all.

    1. Rick Curran Avatar
      Rick Curran

      Hi Karen, thanks for your comment, we’re keen to get as much feedback about the lack of fencing as we can. The Friends of Dudhope Park group is actually meeting this evening so we will be discussing this issue further.

  3. Catherine Moodycliffe Avatar
    Catherine Moodycliffe

    Hi there,

    We are geography students from the University of Dundee who are currently undertaking research on Dudhope Park. We were wondering if it would be possible to arrange an interview or focus group with around 3/4 people to help us in our research?

    Thank you, Catherine Moodycliffe and Lauren MacDonald

    1. Rick Curran Avatar
      Rick Curran

      Hi Catherine,
      I’m sure it would be possible, how long would you envisage it taking and when would this take place?

  4. Andrew Avatar


    I notice that there are plans to fence off the play area properly. I think this is good.

    Are there any plans to resolve the toilet issue? The current portaloo pretty horrible – and it’s right next to the play area. I’m also interested to find out what’s planned for the derelict tennis pavilion.

    Do you have a mailing list? I live right next to the park and use it all the time, but I’m not on facebook so I can’t follow this group. Happy to come along to meetings etc.

    Best Regards,
    Andrew Smith

    1. Rick Curran Avatar
      Rick Curran

      Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. Yes, we are very happy that the playpark will indeed get fully fenced off. At the moment the portaloo is the only toilet facility available, we don’t yet know what the longer term plans are for toilet facilities. The old tennis pavilion’s future is really in doubt, it is going to cost quite a lot of money to restore to a condition suit for use, we have attempted to find interested parties who might have wanted to take ownership of it under the Asset Transfer scheme, but unfortunately nothing has come of it at this time.

      It would be great to have you come along to a meeting, we will next be meeting at 6.15pm at the Dudhope Arts Centre / Ashram on Monday January 11th 2016.

      Thanks again!

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