Friends of Dudhope Park Annual General Meeting on 19th September 2012.

The FoDP group will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 19th September at 7pm at the Mitchell Street Centre.

We would love for you to come along and find out more about the group, what we’re trying to do and how you can help!

Your Play Park for Your Family…

The Friends of Dudhope Park are campaigning to have new play equipment installed in the children’s play park. We have asked Dundee City Council’s Environment Department to come up with a plan for a new play area on the site of the existing play equipment. However, we need local people to support us in making our case, to look at funding opportunities and to help Friends of Dudhope Park grow their campaign.

This follows extensive consultation at our last two summer events where park users overwhelmingly said that they wanted to see improvements to the play area and that they wanted it kept on the existing site.
To make this a reality we need park users, their friends and family to join us and help us get the type of play equipment that young people will want to use and that they deserve.

We will now look at what avenues are open to us via different funding streams in order to make the new play area happen. In order to do this we also need community support. If you would like to help us work towards getting a better play area for local children then please contact The Friends of Dudhope Park for details of how you can get involved and help make a difference fro local young people today and in the future.


2 responses to “Friends of Dudhope Park Annual General Meeting on 19th September 2012.”

  1. Hannah Lord Avatar

    Thank you for your newsletter. I live on Adelaide Place.

    I am happy to support any efforts to improve the tennis courts in Dudhope Park. I have written to the Council as an individual asking for this, and I am very happy to combine efforts with others to raise the profile of this.

    Yours sincerely,

    Hannah Lord

  2. Rick Curran Avatar
    Rick Curran

    Hi Hannah, I think there may be some improvements coming to the tennis courts but I’m not sure of the exact details at the moment. We are having a meeting on Monday 22nd October at the Bharatiya Ashram in St Mary Place at 6.30pm if you’d like to come along, otherwise if I find anything out about the tennis courts I will try and add something to the website if possible.

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