Friends of Dudhope Park meeting on Monday 10th November

A Friends of Dudhope Park meeting has been arranged for Monday 10th November at 6.30pm in the Ashram (Dudhope Centre).

The main item on the agenda will be the plans for the old bowling green and pavilion to be used by Gardening Leave. Gardening Leave is a charity who work with and support veterans who have mental health issues on their return to civilian life, Heather Budge-Reid (Chief Executive of Gardening Leave) will be coming along to talk about the project, which has a horticultural basis, and their plans for this area of the park. Several representatives from Dundee City Council should also be present to provide more information about this project.

We’d love to see you there to find out more about this, if you have any other issues you’d like to raise regarding Dudhope park then please come along as it would be great to see you!

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2 responses to “Friends of Dudhope Park meeting on Monday 10th November”

  1. Al Lindsay Avatar
    Al Lindsay

    was there veg garden in the park by the bowling green in 1947-1950
    Al Lindsay

    1. Rick Curran Avatar
      Rick Curran

      Hi Al, I’m afraid I’m not sure about that. It might be better contacting the council archives department or asking at the central library about this.

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